Jen Moore, Village Idiot

deck hat water Jen temp photo

I'm a visual person from the word go.  The collections featured here that I created initially are:  Salty Heifer, Muse, Family Personalized Collection, Lava And Stone, and a co-creator with Jodie of Hot And Not Bothered (diffuser collection), the Sari Ribbon Collection, and Parent On A Chain.  

I've been a graphic artist for almost 30 years now, but I tend to like whimsical, nonconforming items.  I'm a Creative Suites nut and I like anything irreverent.  I am super finicky about items I wear, in fact, I have worn my family personalized necklace for almost 2 years before perfecting it for Meander.

Thank you for visiting and viewing our work.  Whether you purchase or not, please know that we meticulously source everything we use, and pour everything we have into the making of the products offered here.  To have a creative outlet has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and Jodie and I have built our business model to last.  

Most of my time is spent with my 2 pugs Ella and Muttsy, secondly, with my husband Mark who is a cattle rancher and all-around cantakerous soul.  Thirdly, I try to visit with my 2 grown-up sons whenever possible while they look at their phones which I pay for.  No, I'm not mad.  I live in West Loveland and work in my at-home studio among the foothills and elk.  I love to travel, see new things, and create anything and everything.  I am a prolific copywriter and creative writer as well, but I prefer turning writing into art.  I don't take myself very seriously anymore.

The most weird thing about me is that I like disaster movies and I consume vast amounts of salt.

Peace Be With You,