About Our Artists

Vibe and Tribe meander

At Meander, we hope to become a collaborative for spectacular artisan products, offered at affordable pricing.  Our mission is to provide peace, laughter, and good will; we are driven to create, each and every day.  Talent is important, but motivation and direction play a large role in making meaningful pieces that support love, life, and the human condition.

We are constantly changing, and motivated to provide fresh new design each and every week.  Founders Jen Moore and Jodie Rohner have been artisans and designers for many years, and our experience only enhances our world view.  Embracing nature and freedom, along with healthy laughter, we believe in putting our faith and our families first.  

At this time, we feature the work of Jen Moore, Jodie Rohner, and Ashley Brady.  We look forward to (God willing) meeting each and every one of you at the Loveland artisan market in Northern Colorado, but if you are shopping from afar, please know that we put our whole selves into our design.  We are very honored to send your mom that personalized bracelet, or that custom earring, or that special art canvas or tote.  

Thank you for visiting our web presence and may you be blessed each and every day.  

Journey On,

Jen and Jodie