Our Meandering Journey to Northern Colorado


Jodie and Jen each came to Northern Colorado by divergent paths.  Longtime friends from Louisiana, life's messes, tribulations, and victories brought them both here within minutes of each other.  They long dreamed of having an outlet for their creativity that spoke to their souls, so they conceptualized their dream as Meander.

Jodie, a resident of Lyons, is both an artisan and painter.  She can make just about anything given the resources and a good brush.  Jodie hails from the business and not-for-profit segment.  Jen, a graphic artist and self-taught jewelry maker in Loveland, has a keen eye for color and boho styling.  She is a self- described bohemian redneck.  Both Southerners make a mean gumbo.

Meander was named for the meandering path we take in our lives, adding to the richness that comes with each tenuous step.  In meandering, we pick up things that we value and come to cherish, things that we feel complete our lives.  The bundle of sticks reflected in the Meander logo symbolizes those 'kept things' that make us who we are.
Each of our creations and offerings is carefully selected or completely handcrafted by us.  Our art speaks to us and we hope it will speak to you -- it was created with you in mind.  Our journeys are all different, but filled with wonder, love, family, and discovery.  Our hearts and our hands are here in Northern Colorado.   


Welcome to Meander.