Trying to Not Look 'As Ugly' at Home

pole dancing in the kitchen

This seems like a trivial concept when you really look at what is going on around us, but I'm thinking I'm not the only one.  Like most of you, I've been going to my dryer and wearing whatever I just washed that feels clean and dry on my skin.  I've been literally wallowing in my house for the last (over) 2 weeks, and my usual after-gym shower has been hijacked.  I've tried to be creative, but pole dancing in the kitchen isn't a good look for you when you're over 50, even under the best of circumstances.  

So, I've been trying to weave a little normalcy back in.  Eyeliner, badly applied, is a hallmark of my wardrobe (I need to rethink this).  Putting on a maxi dress and makeup makes me feel just an inch better for a couple of hours while catching up on the ever-repeating daily news.  

Most people have a case of the uglies right now.  Not only are we returning from the grocery (if we are lucky enough to go) to feel like going through a car wash of soapy boiling water afterwards, but we really icky due to the lack of hair coloring, nail painting, and frankly, wearing our better underwear.  When you add to that the food indiscretions that are happening with abandon:  white bread, fried chicken, and a bit more wine, you have an ugly cocktail that is going to take us all three times (3x) the effort to correct.  And really, we are being trivial and vain if we even express that we care about this right now.  After all, people are dying trying to save others.

Truth be known, we could ALL use a little perk-up.  I wish I had the resources to send bubble bath to all the women on the front lines, and that includes my grocery store checkers who are also are also my heroes right now.  I was sitting up with coffee luxuriating in my genius-ness (some self-deprecating humor here) at 4 o'clock in the morning today and decided that we needed to add a "Thank A Hero" line to our store offerings, just 4 days before we are launching our store (great idea, idiot).  We can't afford to give these away, but the price point is reduced, and we'll donate the extra effort.  You can even order a personalized card to thank your hero, mailed directly. 

Anybody you know who is giving, and giving, and maybe even a little under the weather, and especially the isolated grandmothers, need our care and love.  So do the moms who are homeschooling now.  For those of you who want to just do something, we have items that can direct ship within 3 days, or even be held for Mother's Day, personally made and set aside in disinfected packaging.  Personalized items are so valued anytime; right now they are even more special.  

Visit our Thank A Hero or Personalized Collection for some options.  They'll feel prettier immediately, and so will you. 



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