Awkward Fashion Moments

Jen's bad 70s photo

My current closet truly looks like Stevie Nicks threw up.  It is a hodgepodge of 'found' items; many were purchased for a scant few dollars at consignment stores.  Vintage shops have always been a fascination to me since I love peter pan colors, ladylike pearlized buttons, and dresses that I swear I've seen on my grandmother before.

Those of us who were 'lucky' enough to wear homemade clothes have "fabric memories".  I still remember the green voile mod print (boasting vivid oranges and pinks) that my stand up collar mini shift dress was made of.  It was a favorite dress and I've been looking for it again for 20 years now.  Another item was a muslin empire waist squareneck top with billowing sleeves which would certainly be a Johnny Was in this day and age.

I think I'm a textile designer by heart, even though that career path didn't present itself until the digital age.  Those of us who are 'weird' enough have fabric memories with acuity as to color, texture, weight, and vividness.  Sometimes, my sewing machine calls to me from downstairs.  I hope to be able to flesh out those clothing memories that somehow my soul needs to re-experience.  

I think the creative vibe is genetic in some, and it requires a price of its recipients:  no laziness allowed.  It seems we never stop creating or changing.  As we age, we get a little wiser about what works and doesn't work, and then we realize we were 'right the first time' more often than not.  

I probably won't go out and buy a Pet Rock, but I find myself seeking out those things that made me feel cool when I was 11.  That 11-year old self would watch the Brady Bunch and eat pizzas made of biscuit dough that were baked in the oven with American Cheese slices on top.  And she'd be wearing that bell sleeved top with some super-uncool Starsky shoes.  

I'll keep digging.


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